NEW GEOGRAPHIA: An International Journal of Geography, GIS & RemoteSensing
(Print ISSN 2319-5118) (Online ISSN 2347-209X)

New Geographia is a refereed journal published quarterly by Barloni Books for Interactions Forum, Pune.

The Journal strives to publish research work of high quality related to Geography, GIS and Remote Sensing across the world. The aim of the journal is to give space to scholars and researchers to publish their works.

The Journal welcomes the submission of research papers, articles, reviews. All articles published in Neo Geographia will be peer-reviewed.


Each manuscript will be primarily examined by the editor, and then forwarded to two referees for blind review. The research paper shall be published subject to recommendation of referees. The review process may take up to a week to one month.

The author's shall be informed about the selection/rejection of the article/paper by e-mail only. However, the journal shall publish the article/papers of the authors completing the formalities in due time. The rejected papers shall not be returned.

In case of acceptance of the article and completion of publication formalities by the author, journal reserves the right of making amendments in the final draft of the research paper to suit the journal's requirement


The accountability of the research matter articulated in this journal is entirely of the author(s) concerned. The view expressed in the research papers/articles in this journal does not essentially correspond to the views of the publisher/editor. The publisher/editor of the journal is not liable for errors or any consequences arising from the exercise of information contained in it.


UGC Approved Journal

Call For Papers - Neo Geographia

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Deadlines for submissions in 2014
Submissions are accepted all the year. The Deadlines for the issues are as follows.

Issue I     (January) : 25th Dec. 
Issue II          (April) : 25th March
Issue III         (July) : 25th June
Issue IV  (October) : 25th Sept.